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Gilsonite is used for drilling mud in oil wells (about 11 to 23 kilos Gilsonite per bag of cement). The use of Gilsonite in the drilling mud has many advantages and we mention some of them • Reduces the dryness of the mud and increases the resistance to the wall • The resulting compound with […]

Drilling mud is a mixture of water and clay  and is in fact a special group of drilling fluids that are used to dig deep wells. So that the drilled material is brought to the bottom of the well, since the drilled material is sometimes of high weight, water can not be used for this […]

Some of the factors that cause instability of the well include the well path, the direction and magnitude of the stresses, the geomechanical characteristics of the drilling layers and the pore pressure of the layers, which causes slitting and tensile fractures in the well wall. Wellness instability is one of the main problems in oil […]

Drilling the earth in order to reach the water, gas, or oilfield. Oil well drilling is more complicated than water wells because its exploration and extraction are mainly located on the bottom of the sea floor. The drilling operations should be carried out at a high speed, 24 hours a day, because the operation is […]

Binder blending estimation method in hot mix asphalt with reclaimed asphalt Abstract Current road construction technologies includes the use of recycled materials increasingly. High quality of hot mix asphalt with high content of reclaimed asphalt pavement (RAP) requires the use of virgin binder or rejuvenator agent additive(gilsonite). This phenomenon has not been fully investigated. This […]