About Us

Kardoost Introduction

KARDOOST HOLDING is the first business developer in Iran  that is reputable extractor and exporter of Raw minerals in Iran.

We supply raw mineral for Drilling, Ceramic, Asphalt, Steel, Paint & Ink, and other industries We assist internal and external companies to expand their market. 

We have 10 official agents in Italy, Germany, Russia, England, India, China, Korea, Malaysia, and Thailand.

We play the role of a purchase, logistics, and sourcing agent for other Holdings.


Kardoost Products

  1.Mineral & Chemical Department:


We supply Gilsonite, Celestine, Chromite Ore and Bentonite.

We supply most of them from our own mines and factories.

Kardoost is one of the biggest extractors, manufacturers and exporters of Gilsonite in Iran. We have been the primary exporter of Gilsonite in 2015.

We play the role of mineral sourcing agent for our clients (purchase, transport, SCM, handle commercial services, finance, deliver the goods).



  2.Herbs & Plants Extracts Department

Since our founding, we have been one of the big suppliers of Herbs & Plants Extracts in Iran.

We supply and export Licorice cutted root, Extract Powder, Block, and Liquid.


Kardoost Services

  1. Business Developer:

We assist with Iranian and external companies to expand their market, we play the role of sole agency for other companies in Iran, survey market for them, follow their orders, and have mutual cooperation with them.


  1. Sourcing agent and sole agency

We play the role of sole agency, agent, and partner for foreign companies to expand their market in Iran.

We set MOU and Joint venture agreement with many companies.


  1. Sales and Marketing Outsourcing Services:

We Survey Companies- Set contract and survey all financial & commercial issues, write a business plan for them, handle all import/export affairs, and follow up orders.


  1. Logistics and International  Transportation Services:

We provide logistics services and total solutions for exportation, importation and transit projects via sea, inland, or air transportation, in a cost effective and timely manner.