what is licorice

what is licorice?

Licorice,the root of Glycyrrhiza glabra is a sweet flavor which  can be extracted. Licorice extract is in dark brown colour Fine Powder form.

Main component of licorice is glycyrrhizic acid, Roots Composition: 7%, 10%, 20% Glycyrrhizinic Acid Licorice by HPLC Description.


Root obtain: At the first step we obtain the wild roots grown naturally, from natural farms, 100% natural without any chemical elements and pesticides.
Root stock: it will be Separated into leaves and roots, roots will be washed,cleaned,and dried and the dust and extra elements are
separated. We stock it in our warehouse (in summer the normal temperature of 40 degrees without any moisture condition).
Root Grinding: the roots are crushed by crusher
Root will go to reactor machinery for extracting: pure water will be added to it. And the extracting with water will be done. The extracts & roots pulp and dross will be separated. The roots are decocted, press out
Extracts filtration: the extracts will go to filtration machine, and filtered, concentrated and evaporated.
Condensing machinery: the filtered extract will go to this machinery; Condensing operation is performed under vacuum producing.Licorice Extract is done by natural gas.
Spry drier machinery: the extracts will be dried and turned to powder. Licorice powder is concentrated, purified extract of the licorice root
Packaging: standard packing, 25kg bag, waterproof bags for inner packing and triple layer bags for outer packing./ EU pallet(optional)/barrel for liquid.
Licorice extract storage: store in shady,dry,and high t/cartons of 25 kg for block/temperature avoiding conditions (temperature below 60 degrees)