What is Gilsonite?

The oil bitumen remains the last stage of distillation of crude oil in the refinery, but there is another type of bitumen that is the result of the natural distillation of crude oil over the years, which is more durable than oil bitumen, to which we refer to Gilsonite or natural bitumen.

This material, which is mainly carbon, is found abundantly in Iranian oil fields and is extracted from the mines found in these areas

Gilsonite is dark brown and very fragile, which is why it is often consumed in powder form.

The Gilsonite bond with bitumen oil produces a material that has Gilsonight durability and bitumen flexibility.
Gilsonite has a significant impact on bitumen refining, and subsequently improves the structure of asphalt mixtures.

In particular, it improves the softening point, increases the viscosity and decreases the degree of penetration of the mixture.

Adding this powder to pure bitumen also improves its thermal sensitivity.

Gilsonite has high levels of nitrogen compounds, which makes it highly adhesive and also has sulfur compounds, which increases the strength of the asphalt.

The highest amount of observation of this substance in Iran is in Kermanshah province and is more scattered in Lorestan, Ilam and Khuzestan provinces.



Gilsonite packaging:


According to customers’requirements, Gilsonite is packaged in the following ways:

  • 50 kg 2ply bags laminated palletized and stretch wrapped
  • 2- 25 kg 2ply bags laminated palletized and stretch wrapped
  • 3- 40 kg 2ply bags laminated palletized and stretch wrapped

Quantity Per Pallet: 35-40Bags
Quantity Per 20FCL: 16MT
Quantity Per 20FCL: 28MT

700 – 1000 Kg in Jumbo-Bags
Quantity per 20FCL: 16MT “24 Jumbo ”
Quantity per 20FCL: 28-32MT “48 Jumbo



Gilsonite is available both in lumps and Gilsonite powder form.

 Gilsonite purity (Ash)

Gilsonite with ash content under 5,10,15,20,25,…

Gilsonite powder (mesh)

Gilsonite Powder Mesh Size are 30-40,100,200 and 325 customize.