What is Gilsonite?

What is Gilsonite?

Gilsonite also known as natural asphalt,asphaltite, asphaltum or natural bitumen is a bitumen-impregnated rock which consists primarily of carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, and sulfur.

It is brittle and usually micronized into dark brown powder.

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Gilsonite packaging:


The Gilsonite ” Natural Asphalt Natural Bitumen ” is available according to customer requirements as the below:

1- 25  and 50  kg 2ply bags laminated palletized and stretch wrapped

2- 650 kg and 950 kg Jumbo Bags

3-1000 kg Jumbo Bags


Gilsonite is available both in lumps and Gilsonite powder form.

 Gilsonite purity (Ash)

Gilsonite with ash content under 5,10,15,20,25,…

Gilsonite powder (mesh)

Gilsonite Powder Mesh Size from 70-300