Gilsonite in Oil well drilling

The drilling mud is a combination of water and clay used to strengthen the walls of oil wells, preventing the wall from falling into the well, also blocking the wall vents.

In addition to cooling and lubricating the drill and transferring drilling rigs The bottom of the well is used to land.

Gilsonite is used in conjunction with drilling fluid and concrete wells (about 11 to 23 kilos gilsonite per bag of cement.

The use of gilsonite reduces the slurry that results from this mud and increases the wall resistance of the well.

This material exhibits high resistance to soluble oil and is capable of operating in extremely high temperature (high softness point between 175 and 235 ° C).

It also prevents damage to Drilling bits parts and  Avoids sticking the oil base  drilling mud.

Gilsonite scrubs the oil well drilling and cleans up excess  drilling mud.

Gilsonite Performs in oil- and water-based drilling mud  and also Performs in HP/HT environments it can Minimizes HSE risks too.