Kardoost Licoricelicorice-extract-powder

Kardoost Licorice is commonly exported to Europe. we have been one of the biggest suppliers of licorice,herbs, plants extracts,edible & Medicinal plants in Iran. After many years’ experience in Licorice, we have the ability of extracting,producing,and exporting  all kind of Licorice.We can supply Licorice Extract Powder, Block, and Liquid.



Kardoost Licorice Grades:

kardoost licorice grades are as below:licorice-kardoost
  • Licorice extract powder
  • Licorice extract block
  • Licorice extract liquid

Licorice Usage:

 licorice usages is normally in below industries:
  • Confectionery & food, Candy, Chewing gum
  • Tobacco industry & Cigarettekardoost-licorcie-in-candy
  • Soft drink, beverage
  • Cosmetic industry, cream, shampoo
  • Pharmaceuticals/Galenical Preparations/Expectorants