Gilsonite in Chemical

Gilsonite is used for Sealant and adhesive production.
  With the technology of new products and unique natural-quality control, this product can be considered as a substitute for kinetic resins in the raw material fraction.

It is a very good lubricant and can be achieved by combining it with various resins to produce various products, including pencil graphite, battery bracket, and also because polyethylene or PVC materials in dark colors are corrosive to ultraviolet rays. It can be found that corrosion can be prevented by using this material.

Due to the new technology using carbohydrates, which can be used to build the fuselage, Gilsonite should be used.

Gilsonite is added as an additive to wax and has a major advantage in this field, including an extremely strong shine and high resistance to heat and sunlight, which prevents water absorption and prevents surface corrosion.
  Gilsonite is a reversible substance and does not harm the environment.

Gilsonite is used in wood industry as a waterproof cover for wood and also used in rubber industry. When Gilsonite combines with rubber, it makes the rubber more durable and resistant to sunlight and has a durability of 2 times the ordinary rubber, thus preventing tearing and breaking of the rubber

In the ceramic industry, the addition of gilsonite to ceramic leads to the adhesion between ceramic materials at low temperatures, and also makes it possible for ceramics to be used in applications that need to withstand different forces.