Gilsonite in Asphalt and road

Because Gilsonite is highly water-resistant and acid-resistant, it is commonly used in the production of asphalt and road.

The most prominent features of Gilsonite’s materials are their solubility in solvents such as carbon disulfide, toluene and molten bitumen.

This feature of Gilsonite is used in the manufacture of insulation and moisture insulators.

Due to the presence of hydrocarbon polymer, Gilsonite is an appropriate reformer for refining bitumen, especially asphalt . Gilsonite also reduces the degree of penetration, increases the viscosity, increases the softness point and increases the heat recovery of the bitumen refineries.

Gilsonite is used as an agent for increasing the efficiency and efficiency of asphalt mixes.

Asphalt mixed with high-grade gilsonite, without the need for other modifying materials

The powder, which is added to the asphalt as a powder, is completely finished. Gilsonayt in general

Either partial or as a supplement in terms of value and price, can replace the “SBS polymer” in the modifiers To be paved.

modified asphalt with Gilsonite, higher stability, less deformation, less heat resistance, higher water resistance and lower permeability than Not mixed up asphalt with gilsonite.

Gilsonite is used as a preservative in hot pavement mixtures. In fact, Gilsonite’s main task in this application is to improve the pavement stability and their resistance to deformation, which increases the ability to withstand load, and is used in areas where stress are high.

The top roller, unlike other modifiers, is mixed up. Gilsonite powder (Mesh 200) with heavy oil derivatives

Like bitumen with a high permeability degree, VB is interrupted by the reactor at high temperatures and over a specified period.

Sulfur and sulfur compounds in Gilsonite also increase the strength and strength of the asphalt

In general, the use of Gilsonite in asphalt does not require the use of other polymer modifying materials to improve bitumen consumption, resulting in higher stability, less deformation, more water resistance, low temperature capability in asphalt.